Flinxville is a peaceful town, the biggest problem is the rivalry between two high schools, Mt. Hope High and Dark Wood High. When a group of friends from each school visit the local Zoo their lives are changed forever, and Flinxville will never be the same again!

The International Feline Federation rescues cats, nursing them back to health. The rival group of girls have come to see the Feline Shelter and meet the cats. As a thunderstorm erupts, the girls all run into the exhibit before the doors open to the public. Inside they find a great circular hall with cats all around and a large, ancient, crystal cat statue in the center.

A lightning bolt strikes the building, electric energy illuminates the cats in an eerie blue light, before shattering the crystal statue. The blast knocks the girls to the floor leaving them with a tingly feeling running through their bodies. The next day, the girls start to change… long claws grow, hair starts to cover her bodies and they even have tails! All the girls caught in the blast have transformed into versions of the cats at the zoo. Excited and confused, they return the exhibit that night and find 12 rings where the statue once stood. The rings, made with fragments of the shattered crystal, allow the them to return to human form.

Several days later the girls of Mt. Hope High hear of a new group of criminals, with familiar sounding abilities, so they start investigating the crimes. Soon they discover the girls from Dark Wood High, the Jinx Girls, are behind mischief. Knowing that only someone with the same abilities can stop the feline felons, the girls of Mt. Hope High remove their rings and transform. Together they stop their rivals but the Jinx Girls escape. Unable to reveal their secret they form a crime fighting team, the Flinx Girls, to protect the Flinxville.


Grace is pretty, smart, kind, a model student at Mt. Hope High. Nicole, who goes to Dark Wood High. Nicole has always been jealous of her cousin, constantly trying to prove she is better. When she hears Grace has organized a trip to the Zoo she collects her own gang of girls to go as well.